Rent a riverside cottage

Nivagården boende

Experience the countryside by renting the guest cottage at Nivagården. High quality accommodations with room for five and large windows overlooking the Torne river. There is a large common room with kitchen and a small bedroom with double bed.

Only 1100 SEK per night
- Accommodations for five
- Fully equipped kitchen
- Bathroom, shower, sauna and washing machine

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Torne Valley

Luleå Airport 150 km
Haparanda 36 km
IKEA store Haparanda 36 km
Luleå, Gammelstads kyrkstad 150 km
Boden, Nordpoolen Water park 150 km

Kemi Airport 65 km 
Oulo Airport 140 km
På Gränsen shopping mall, Tornio 36 km
Rovaniemi, Santa Claus park,  Airport 130 km
Snowcastle, Kemi 70 km
Ranua Artic Zoo 150 km

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To do in Korpikylä

The small boat is equipped with an 8 bhp four-stroke engine. It can also be rowed by two people. Rowing on the river is a wonderful experience. The river is one kilometer wide by the cabin and can give the impression of being out at sea!

Socialize by the fire
Sauna for body and soul
Swim in the Torne river
Boats for rent
Fishing at Matkakoski

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